Comments on Dreams…

I’ve been paying more careful attention to my dreams lately. Thanks largely to the book. When I wake up I allow myself some time to reflect on my dreams, sometimes going back to sleep with the intention of revisiting them. When finally I do rouse myself from my swirl of sheets and cushions into the shower I spend the time replaying the dream events in my mind, trying to line them up in sequence and identify the origins of the various images.

I’m remembering my dreams almost every single night, and while I’ve yet to have that illusive lucid dream I none the less feel that my dreams are driven by more conscious intention than they have in the past. Whether that springs from a greater general peace of mind, or more concentration on my states of consciousness I don’t know – perhaps a bit of both.

A good example is flying. I think we all have flying dreams, after all who better oppressive force to rid ourselves of than that ever present force limiting us to this horizontal plane? I presume that each of us has flying dreams with their own character, their own technique and style. Myself flying is more about simply negating gravity then it is about soaring. I tend to float – with intention.

So then, I had a “floating” dream a couple of nights ago. When I think back my flying dreams were often cruel and taunting. I’d be able to fly at one point in the night, but after that initial incident of gravitational victory things would change. Thereafter flying would require tremendous concentration – if I could do it at all. Frustrating as hell. Well, the past few flying dreams it has been almost effortless and it has remained consistent. I get the feeling that if only I remembered I could fly, that I could fly in any dream and it would be as easy as walking.

Another power that frequently manifests itself along with flying, another “confidence” ability if you will is telekinesis. Well, yet again my dream abilities in that area have grown. I can pickup, push, pull and throw at a distance now if I concentrate. Not all the time, but much more frequently than before – whenever I remember that I can do it.

What else… Well…

Women. My dreams seem to be filled with beautiful women who find me equally attractive. I kind of feel like a king or emperor of yore with his personal harem of beauties. Interestingly enough though I could probably have sex right off the bat with any of them without a lot of preamble I find myself creating elaborate and extravagant courtships before anything so lustful. The last one involved underground adventures, a Turkish steam driven subway (morphed from Heritage Park in Calgary), reckless driving in Calgarian suburbs and Burning Man parties. It would seem that deep down, even in the depths of my subconscious I still enjoy the slow, luxurious courtship as much as I enjoy the carnal pleasures at the other end.

For right now I’m just reviewing my dreams in my head, not writing them down. I may begin to record them but for now I’m happy just with remembering.

My goal as I said before is lucid dreaming, but I wonder if I’m already skirting that territory without acknowledging it. Perhaps the lucid dream isn’t such an earth shattering experience, perhaps its more subtle, and of course as with all things it must happen in degrees. The greater control, confidence and recall I’m experiencing in my dreams could all be a part of that. Who knows? I’ll just continue to explore my dreamscape and see what emerges.


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