So if you snuff it…

…would you be willing to make it into a snuff film?

Perhaps I should rephrase that lest I manage to alienate the lot of you and not get my question answered. Okay, trying again;

If you were to die doing something you love, be that sky diving, mountain climbing, autocross racing or exploring storm drains (you knew it was coming) and your death was captured on video – would you want anyone to see it?

As a media producer I find it an interesting question. As a person who engages in dangerous hobbies it interests me doubly. The video that immediately springs to mind is the Steve Irwin vs. stingray video.

Talk to me people. I want to know what you think.



  1. amberfireinus · February 2, 2008

    I dont know what it is that people find fascinating about watching people die. Its as old as time itself. Christians being fed to lions was a great sport to watch, jousting etc.

    You would think that we would have evolved past that point. Havent we? All I have to say is why? What need could it possibly fill within you to see another person die? Does it somehow make you feel powerful?

    Personally, I dont get it. I truly dont. I think its sick.

  2. jannx · February 9, 2008

    um this is immature of me but I would like to go unseen thanks. So no video of me checking out. I’m sure lots will be all for it tho

  3. Blue I'x · February 14, 2008

    I think it would completely depend on the situation, and how it’s handled… It’s not the idea of a visual record of my death that bothers me, it’s more… I wouldn’t want to be a utube video with comments like “Oh my god, her head flies right off, LMAO!!!”… ya know?

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