Super Super 8 Haul


I admit it. I am a bit of a retro gear addict. Super 8 being one of my particular inflictions. Through a series of synchronistic events super 8 has splashed back down in my life after a two or three year near hiatus. Not only do I have a prospective job shooting on the old home movie format but my friend The Editor Formerly Known as the Producer suggested we do our next project on super 8. I bought some super 8 film today for that project from the Kodak warehouse in Montreal, met a really cool, enthusiastic young guy working there and then, and then…

I saw a posting on craigslist in the Free section for a super 8 viewer. I responded. Not only was there a previewer, but a camera, light meter, two microphones, splicer and two vintage super 8 b-grade films. My best super 8 haul yet. All free. The universe is smiling on me. Thing is, I am the universe, so I guess I’m smiling on myself. That’s positive thinking in action! Its always been there in the back of my head, doing something of merit with super 8, now its all coming together, spontaneously and effortlessly. Fucking hell, sweet as!

So, watch for more super 8 productions in the near future. The bug is back, and this time he’s got more bite!

Did I mention the splicer even still has tape?



  1. jannx · February 9, 2008

    I’m kinda pumped to see what you get out of this stuff. As for the ‘b’ films.. they look pretty cool too.

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