They took my car

The goddam bastards. They came and they took it. I can’t decide which I’d prefer, if someone outright stole the thing or if the fucking city towed it away. Unfortunately its almost certainly the latter.

I’m perfectly willing to admit when I’m wrong and to pay the consequences – its only fair. But this is scandalous, ridiculous, infuriating even. I can’t find my license plate number in the online “where is my car” system which is bad because according to the site my plate should show up there within an hour of being towed. That hasn’t happened, though being a governmental thing and this being the most dysfunctional government in North America I shouldn’t be surprised.

I noticed during my blistering cold walk around the block, hoping I just forgot where I parked it that my street has been plowed. That would imply that sometime between yesterday afternoon and this evening when I noticed the absence of my car that they plowed. Either that or my little segment of street experienced a bizzare spontaneous vanishing of snow – which I consider unlikely at best. So, chances are they towed me in order to accomplish that.

Now the way they do this is a bit… Well. About a day before plowing they come around and plant little signs in the snow informing you that you can’t park there the next day, and thus is our little problem. I did not see any signs of this nature. Generally they’re pretty noticable, but yesterday afternoon I don’t recall seeing any. The trick is I don’t actually know the required interval between their planting the signs and them doing the plowing. I should think you get at least 24 hours so its feesible that they planted the signs just after I parked and plowed just before I went outside for the first time today. Possible. But I have the nagging suspicion that they just do whatever they please, knowing that fighting it would cost more than the $92 fee to get your car back from the pound.

Of course I don’t even know which impound lot to go to because my car doesn’t show up in the computer system!

Normally I’m calm and accepting of these things, but tomorrow I expect there may be a bit of yelling. As much as I like this province the bureaucracy and bungling does begin to wear on you. I can learn a lesson from this about checking on my car more frequently, though its ridiculous that I can’t leave it unattended for even a day! But they need to learn a lesson as well, about serving the people, because the people are the ones who foot the bill.

It all gives me more reason to hate having a car. I haven’t been thrilled with it for a while now. But there are enough reasons to keep it, largely the two hours it saves me commuting to and from the airport plus the ability to haul gear from point A to point B when I need to. But still there’s a fine line between convenience and overwhelming hassle.

I guess this is the universe’s way of balancing out the hubris from the last couple of days victories. Fine. I’ll try and be a bit more humble.

Oh, found another potential loft space. That’s four buildings I have in my sights. I’m bound to get one of them. đŸ˜‰


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