Back up…

Well, my stocks are slowly but steadily marching their way back up. Its good to be in a solid company that’s weathered every storm that its passed through over the preceding 11 years. Its a pain that the price is low now when I was planning to sell, but that’s okay. It’ll rise throughout the year and I can sell later.

I’m also over the car. Fine, I got towed. Maybe it wasn’t entirely fair, but neither is life. Fair that is. Not always. Besides, when I die I won’t terribly miss that $92. I still don’t know where it is, the phone lines are clogged, but I’ll get it back when I get it back.

Sadly due to a combination of the cold, a bit of a cashflow problem and the lack of a car I curled up under the covers of my bed rather than going to the Pound last night. I sort of regret that, but what’s done is done. I have a party to go to tonight and nothing will keep me from that. Gotta get out and have some fun!


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