A Guide is Required

I was thinking about doing up a video guide to parking in Montreal, because quite frankly its confusing. Today confirmed that. As a public service, to help all those who will come after me. I think its only fair. It could save hundreds of people hundreds of dollars each. That’s worth something. No better way to get revenge against the City of Montreal than to prevent thousands of dollars from making it into their coffers. Fuckwits.

So here’s the deal. When your car gets towed due to snow removal they don’t take it to an impound lot. That would require far too much resources, towing hundreds if not thousands of cars after a snowfall. Instead all they do is tow your car a few blocks away, whatever’s available that isn’t being plowed. My car was moved two blocks north. In fact if I’d widened my net a little bit last night when I went wandering around I would have found it sitting there, waiting for me, $92 fine fluttering in the wind underneath the left windshield wiper. Its frustrating, but its better than having to trek across town to get it released from an automotive prison. I get a bit of time to pay the fine as well.

So the parking in Montreal video is a go. Not just for my sake, but for the sake of all the victims of remorquage.


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