A Good Day

Today has been a good day, because I made it a good day.

This morning I went out to look at some prospective apartments, loft apartments specifically. I’m pretty impressed. I’ve found things within my price range, that I can definitely see myself living and working in, they should be available when I need them in a couple of months, and the location brings me 11km closer to work and closer to Concordia as well. So the process is started. There are options, angles of attack, methods, but all in all it looks like its going to work out exactly the way I’d hoped when I was first preparing to move to Montreal. Vast space, open and free. Room for photography, construction of artifacts, movement, light. Its exactly what I want.

Following that I went to meet with a prospective employer, a woman who’s been doing wedding videos for the past three years and wants to start offering super 8 wedding videos. As much as I dread wedding videography, the artistry of using real film and the kind of work that demands more than offsets the typical wedding drudgery. I’m actually looking forward to it, and imagine – being paid, and paid well, for my super 8 expertise! She’s a nice woman, I like her attitude and approach, and as far as super 8 goes there aren’t many people out there who know more than I do about the format. This could be an enjoyable and lucrative arrangement.

So… a good day. Two of the biggest challenges ahead are taking form – forms that I like.

More to come, but shit man, its all coming together, almost effortlessly. Its beautiful, it truly is.


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