How to lose $8000 in one week

Its called the stock market. In the past week WestJet stocks have taken a beating to the tune of a $5 drop from over $23 per share to just over $18. Since I have about 800 shares in stocks and 800 shares in RRSPs that runs me around $8000. Ouch. Boy do I wish I’d sold at the start of the year like I was thinking about doing instead of hoping we’d hit $25.

But hey, that’s the markets for ya. I have to remember that we were around $18 only a month or two ago. Chances are it’ll go back up, and in the end, its just money. Pfft.

So, instead of cashing that stock and buying things like a G5 laptop and wireless lavalier for my camera with cash I’m just going to have to use my credit card and pay it off when the stock goes back up. No worries. It also resolves the question of whether or not to buy a condo. I can’t afford a reasonable down payment now, so the answer is no.

Worried? Me? Nah. But next time the stock price seems too good to be true… I’ll sell… and I’ll probably cry when it goes up another two bucks after that, but hey, that’s life.

Profit share in May…


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