And what have you done?

Today was destined to be a productive one. After I got up. At noon. Well it happens. That’s how I roll. The whole process of waking up is sacred, and besides, I was having some delightfully weird dreams. If I’m going to start lucid dreaming I’ve got to really get into my unconscious state now don’t I?

Anyways. I hopped into the car and whipped a quick 180 in front of a disbelieving Aveo, which has the distinction of being in the awkwardly un-cool category of bigger than a SmartCar or Mini but smaller than any other “real” cars. Dweeb. Rolled east, then north to get to Sono Video which had been recommended to me by the production guru at Mainfilm. This now is the true test of my French speaking skills. Describing the technical problems I’ve been having with the CommandoCam to the degree that I can get the little soldier fixed to fight another day – before I break her again. The PD-150 is probably one of the most robust DV cams out there, but she’s still not really designed for hour long alkilai dust storms, humid sewer air, dirty mine tailings or breaking the fall of a videographer trying to climb a fence next to Niagara Falls in January. She’s survived it all with only some minor glitches, but those glitches are becoming annoying enough that its time to fix her.

Next I dropped the car off at Canadian Tire, again trying to ask for a cleaning of the fuel system, and oil change and engine diagnostic all in French. For some reason not all of the appropriate terminology was a part of my grade school French education – considering I wasn’t even of legal driving age before I left French immersion. Even so I managed to get the oil changed, though there wasn’t time to do the other stuff today so I’ll have to go back. I hate spending all this money on the car, but if doing all of these different things to it can bring up the fuel economy by 2% here, 5% there it could work out to saving me lots in the long run, not to mention the environmental benefits and such.

While I was waiting for the car the dude at C-Tire called me to inform me that the battery was pretty crappy – trying to incite me to buy a new one no doubt, which eventually I will do but not now. I mean let’s not blow all my money in one visit! Anyways I didn’t really understand him at first and I gave a pretty akward reply. Immediately after hanging up I figured out the better way to say it. And so it goes with learning. Those neural pathways got a little workout, figuring out how to say that one phrase better, so that next time it comes up, chances are better that I’ll get it right, more natural.

This is the essential thing. Making myself operate in French despite the opportunity to do so in English. I could probably have done both transactions in English, but I chose not to. I even went so far as to use the Canadian Tire to the east, knowing that it would be more French. So… personal immersion continues.

Anyways, some decent stuff accomplished today. Some photo/video work prospects finally coming up. My goal for 2008 is to almost double my take home monthly income by the end of the year. If that’s the goal I’ve got some work to do. Ta.


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