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Yeah, yeah, no flakey New Year’s post yet. I mean that’s what everyone’s supposed to do right? Just like all the news channels do, recycling all of last year’s trash and making wild, vague predictions about the future. That stuff. Funny how worked up we all get over a gravitationally imposed ellipse. Well fine, its been a few days so let’s do it before you all die of anticipation.


Not a bad year all in all. I raked in more cash than ever and happily much of it doing things I loved, film & video. I spent quality time with good friends, did some amazing UE. Hell, let’s just be lazy and make a list of the highlights shall we? It’ll be easier on everyone.

  • Made lots of money with my lowly PD-150 video camera making me a professional videographer. Nice.
  • Explored Confluence – the tunnel behind Niagara falls, as well as a cool location in Florida related to the space race with the commies and the massive Mineral King mine in B.C. – the province, not the era.
  • Deepend my friendship with Chriz, Dirge, Snype and Blue.
  • Said goodbye to Squeezy as he took off for the UK with his new wife.
  • Had the most functional relationship with a woman I have every had – without really trying.
  • Shot, edited and submitted my first Big Rock Eddies submission.
  • Loaded everything into my new car, drove to Burning Man, then to Montreal to start a new life in French.
  • Finding cool people as soon as I touched down in Montreal and hit the ground running.

Them’s the basics, though of course there’s lots more. I think the reason New Year’s didn’t feel like such a big deal this year (I slept through it) was that my journey from Calgary, through Black Rock and up to Montreal was a much more radical transformation than changing daytimers. I mean changing daytimers is big and all, but…

For 2008 I have big plans, and… a plan. Yes I’m drafting a plan, with objectives, steps, dates and perhaps most importantly reasons for why those objectives are important. This will come as a shock to those that know me but… I’m not a great planner. Not very organized. One ex of mine said I “couldn’t organize my way out of a wet paper bag.” – which is why she’s an ex.

But I’ve been doing it. Setting specific objectives, with dates and steps towards those objectives, with dates as well as rationales as to why its important to me that I do those things. Having a reason, a purpose always helps.

The specifics are for myself and a few select friends whose job it will be to keep me accountable, but basically it boils down to two big threads. One is getting into school and learning all I can about my craft. The second is about cultivating creativity and friendships – because that’s what really makes us happy. There’s other stuff, about finances, health and all that, but those first two are the keys to everything.


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