I’ve been ordered to stop surfing and go to bed. Which is good advice considering I have to leave for work in… 5.5 hours, including a good twenty minutes of shovelling snow – it just doesn’t stop! But before I do I have to show you what I’ve found. But first how I found it. That’s always amusing. How the Internet entertains.

So I want to start a group, create a movement, find something, a word, a symbol to gather around. Something to encompass metro parties, snow sculptures, urban treasure hunts, guerilla street art and the like. At first I was trying to find a nice French synonym for cacophony, to honor and propegate the tradition of the cacophony society, but that would be so… phony. I mean look at it, phony is part of their name. Who wants to emulate that? Phonies, that’s who. Are those people who wear headphones all the time? Anyways…

I was thinking about cacophony, Frenchness, situationists, Debord… Enter wikipedia.

Voila! What better word to gather around then Psychogeography? Hmmm. Well perhaps something a bit more… punchy and a little less undergraduate textbooky. I mean nobody wants to be reminded of their crappy GPAs and Kraft Dinner when they’re in the midst of an artistic revolution to sweep up the urban masses. Dérive is better, though still, not quite that punch. Still, we’re getting somewhere.

More reading, writing, research and dreaming to do. But this is looking good. Feeling good. Even tastes okay if you put some hot sauce on it. Red Rooster is my preference.

Good night.


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