If I don’t call them resolutions maybe I won’t break them

So, a new year in a new city. Lots of opportunity to reinvent and reinvest in myself. To get in touch with the things that really matter. To set and accomplish new goals. Blah blah blah. Well cliched though it may be I’m going to set about to change some things, and really it has less to do with the turning of another elipse around the nuclear furnace in the sky and more to do with timing. I’ve been here long enough that its home now. The nit picky tasks of becoming a Montrealer are wrapping up. I’m now snugly installed as a cog in this urban machine. The novelty of just being here isn’t enough to keep me interested anymore, so its time to start doing more.

For starters I’m starting Capoeira again. Now that I’m no longer tossing bags in the stooped pits of 737 jets or dragging one ton baggage carts around my body is starting to go all sinew and bone. I’d almost prefer flab to this emaciated look and the only way I’m going to be rippling again is to go out and get some physical activity. Capoeira will be good for that, plus its hella sexy – no doubt. Also in that line I think I’ll get my fingers back into precarious handholds and fissures by doing some climbing. Here in brutish winter climbing the local roof isn’t much of an option, so indoor walls here I come! If there are cute French climbing girls in short shorts all the better.

And then this. I’m trying to decide whether its worth the expense. I first read about sensory deprivation tanks on disinfo – its not really a spa thing to me. For me its much more about neurology and seeing what my brain can do when it its free of all those daily distractions, like gravity. I could buy myself a ten pack and go (almost) once a month. Is that a good new year’s present? Could be. I mean really, $41 for an hour’s float ain’t bad.

Then the usual stuff. Bringing lunch from home more often. Finishing more projects instead of just starting and forgetting them. Blah, blah, blah. Really my big focus this year is just learning to take better care of my brain and body. I think in doing that the rest will naturally follow.


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