I should be at The Pound rocking out at Open Mic. Teasing Alex, talkin’ film with Jan, bugging Mode for drinks and watching Robin frantically running about keeping the whole show on the rails while Phil tries to tend bar and do homework at the same time. That’s what Thursday nights are all about. Cool people and live music until two or three in the morning. Instead I’m forcing myself to go to bed despite the massive swell of creative ideas and impulses inside of me so that I can be up in time for my 4:30am shift at the airport.

I’m never bidding for morning shifts again, no matter what the perceived advantage. There is none. I’m a creature of the night. The day really starts at about 5:00PM and doesn’t end until the sun comes up.

I’m not a plant. I don’t photosynthesize. I don’t need this early morning shit.


One comment

  1. Air33 · December 15, 2007

    I hate getting up early, but what does me in is rotating shifts, I can’t handle them at all and I’m only 29.

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