I’m convinced

Chriz presented a pretty good argument when he was here. If I’m serious about video work then I need to be serious about my gear. Vegas isn’t pro, no matter how much Sony wants it to be, its not going to displace Final Cut Pro any time soon. In order to run FCP I need to run MacOS. I fought this battle a couple of years ago, and here I am again. Fine. I will try Macintosh again.

macbook-pro-15-inch.jpgThe plan this time is to buy a 15″ Powerbook – at least that way I can have portability on my side. And now that Macs use Intel processors I can setup a dual boot as well, for when MacOS makes me crazy and I need to use some windows apps.

I also need to buy a lavalier mic for the camera. Location sound is too much hassle without it. Video technology may change every couple of years, but sound technology changes much more slowly. Its a more long term investment than a camera, but equally important.

I will also fix whatever is wrong with my PD-150. Damn motherfucker.

This buying spree will take place in early 2008 because I don’t want to deal with it on my 2007 tax return. I hate taxes.

Having a laptop would also be a boon for VJing at The Pound and other venues. I just need to find and learn some software. Maybe I should be buying a projector too…

All the video gear I’ve bought thus far has paid for itself in the form of gigs. Not to mention the experience. Its time to shit AND get off the pot on this one. What else have I been saving up for? A condo? An SUV? I don’t think so.



  1. Air33 · December 12, 2007

    What I dislike about Macs is their premium price. otherwise I would be there already!

  2. kayorsonsweaver · December 13, 2007

    Excatly. The cost of the brand is exorbitant and the dogmatic fervour of macattics tires me to no end. But, when it comes to the video industry it has become, alas a standard which is hard to avoid.

  3. SriKanta · February 1, 2008

    I have a mac book pro and run final cut on it. It’s great, and no, I don’t work for apple. I also bought a book on final cut (5.0.1) if you ever want to borrow it. My film making ambitions seem to be on the back burner at the moment. Good luck.

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