I hate my car

For a myriad of reasons;

  1. The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec wants me to bring in about a dozen pieces of paperwork to an appointment January 28th! That’s almost two months away! That was the first appointment! They are going to charge me $84.98 for the priviledge.
  2. Again the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec wants $255 from me, per year to register my car and follow a proceedure so ludicrous it isn’t even described on their website.
  3. Insurance. Boo.
  4. There is noplace in the Montreal metropolitan area where you can park for more than four days in a row without getting a ticket.
  5. My car guzzles oil but nobody can tell me why.
  6. The engine light is on. Again no idea why. Internet research tells me it could be anything from a loose gas cap to major engine problems – I don’t trust mechanics to be honest with me.
  7. Public transportation in this town is good enough to get me anywhere I need to go.

On and on. The car made sense in Calgary where I was doing video gigs all over the city and needed to get from A to B quickly with a trunkload of gear. It made sense to drive from Calgary to Burning Man to Montreal. It does sort of make sense for the drive to and from the airport. It turns an hour and a half commute into a half hour drive, but its also causing me plenty of unnecessary stress and financial burden as well.

So let’s say I save an hour every day I go to work. Let’s say I work ten to fifteen days a month. In dollars, after tax that’s about $100 – $150 a month. The car probably costs me that much per month. So I break even. Except for the stress of course. But what about the stress of having to get up an hour earlier every day? Of course I can sleep on the bus…

Right now, this instant I’m really thinking its not worth it. Its only going to eat more of my money and time. I’d love to just put it in storage somewhere and only bring it out when I really need it. Who’s got a free parking space?



  1. Rod · December 13, 2007

    Drive to work, work to drive.

    Drive to live? All those roadtrips you mentioned are about the only good reason to use a car. Other than that, a car just makes it convenient to boot around the city doing UE at 2am when the public transit is shit and it’s pissing rain outside.

  2. kayorsonsweaver · December 13, 2007

    Car sharing might be a reasonable solution…

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