Faster! Faster!

So much. I feel like life has accelerated so much since I’ve moved here. Hard to believe its been over three months. In a couple more months I’ll be handing in my university applications and hoping for acceptance into Concordia or Ryerson for Film Production or New Media studies. The possibilities in this city are endless and I’m really just getting started. I need to make some bold opening moves.

Well I’ll start by registering the car, getting a license and a Quebec health card. These are probably going to be some of the toughest, most painful things I have to do here. Bureaucracy is a nightmare that I don’t want to entangle myself in, but that’s how they do it here so I’m going to have to shut up and take it. So, tomorrow is phone calls, email enquiries and the like. Fun.

Next? Reality hacking. Culture jamming. Situationist happenings. Whatever. I’ve always wanted to do them, and Montreal has a climate that’s friendly rather than hostile and oppressive.  The only question is the best way to get started and organize. Word of mouth? The Pound? The Burners? facebook? Some combination?

Here’s the first action: The Cutlery Symphony. Pretty simple concept really. Everyone goes to a particular restaurant or cafe one afternoon and at the first clink of a spoon after the designated time everyone else joins in creating an improvised symphony of clack and clatter. Then a minute or two later, as inexplicably as it started – it stops. Short, simple and sweet. Nobody getting arrested, no fancy costumes or props, no reason it can’t work.

And it goes from there.


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