Bringing the Burn Home

There you are on the playa, wearing a sarong, an army issue canteen half full of last night’s sangria, devil’s horns and goggles when suddenly you notice that your precious chapstick is gone. Yes somewhere between that big merry-go-round with the 6000 watt sound system with coloured stobes and the ride on the flame throwing calliope that — has gone missing. Damn fucking shit. Now what’s going to happen to your precious kisser? Then you find a cool zebra print tophat in the middle of the naked desert, no people or vehicles in sight. <shrug>

This is something that I’ve taken home from the Burn. The aptitude to lose things gracefully. In fact, I don’t even think of it at losing anymore. I didn’t lose that chapstick, and I didn’t find that hat. I gifted the chapstick to the fortunate soul that finds it, her lips rough as a crocodile’s back and I graciously accepted the gift of the tophat from… whomever.

Stuff is just stuff. So something that I used to identify as mine isn’t mine anymore, because I was careless, or forgetful, or drunk. Well no biggie. Someone else will enjoy it. Let it be their gift.

Sometimes the gift comes right around and the lost item finds its way back to you, but often times it just keeps bouncing around out there – person to person – place to place – having adventures it would never have had with me. So it is when I find some cool do-dad in someone elses’ garbage, or carelessly left behind after a party with the owner nowhere to be found.

I lose things from time to time. Often times I have a good idea of where they are. Those books you loan out that you never see again, or that cool little toy you forget in someone’s car… No biggie. Enjoy it. Use it. Keep the cycle going. They’re gifts. Let the universe do its work and carry them around to where they’re needed next.

Incidentally, speaking of gifting. Its snowing like God and all the angels were dumping the excavated clouds from the most recent divine palace construction project up in heaven. Loads of the stuff is coming down. I think I might wander out there and shovel a couple of strangers’ walks. Why not? Imagine if everyone gave a gift every day…


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