I was hesitant to write about this because I knew it would arouse some concern amongst my friends and family, but its significant and I’m not one for concealing things from people so here goes.

Last night at The Pound I fainted and was briefly unconscious. This has happened before. Eight or nine years ago I was getting out of bed one morning and upon standing up went lightheaded and collapsed into my chair and onto the floor. The incident left a groovy scar on my inner thigh (for which I have yet to invent a suitably heroic fable to tell the girls – chicks dig scars) but otherwise left no lasting negative impression. Occasionally I will have a dizzy spell, standing up from sitting for a long time, or running up stairs. Its quite rare and the dizziness is usually minor, half a second and I’m fine.

These dizzy spells don’t have anything to do with fatigue or physical exhertion. I have stacked the back pit of a Boeing 737 – 800 series by myself on no sleep numerous times without so much as the faintest bit of dizziness. The theory the doctor proposed nine years ago was that I had low blood sugar. No I’m not diabetic, but I do have a ridiculous metabolism, anyone who’s seen me devour a dozen Tim Horton’s doughnuts between breakfast and lunch knows that. So maybe its my metabolism. Another possibility is that my heart beats slower than normal. Its been found in some athletes that their heart pumps more blood with fewer beats making their bodies more efficient at supplying large amounts of oxygen to the muscles. The tradeoff being that sudden changes in activity levels, going from zero to sixty without a warmup, isn’t compensated for as quickly by the heart which can result in decreased oxygen to the brain.

So back to last night. One moment I felt a dizzy spell coming on, then I started to fall and the German Filmmaker caught me. Next thing I knew I was flopped down on one of the couches with several of the staff at my side. They brought me some OJ – thinking maybe I was in insulin shock and within the space of a minute or two I was back to normal. As before the effects never last long, though this is the first time I ever lost consciousness for more than a fraction of a second.

I blame the alcohol. I’ve never had intoxicants in my body before when this has happened and I think the alcohol exascerbated the problem which is why I lost consciousness instead of just doing the dizzy thing for a couple of seconds. Its disconcerting and I’m going to consult a doctor within the next couple of weeks just to make sure, but I feel perfectly fine and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the night as though nothing had happened. That this has only happened to me twice in nearly thirty years makes me confident that its nothing major, but I have to be aware of it, make sure I’m eating enough to keep up with my calorie burning core and pay attention to any future incidents.

Aside from that, another fabulous night at the Pound, some great acoustic guitar, some great blues and to top off the night a girl who does a pretty damn good Janis Joplin her very first night at Open Mic. That place is like a dream come true. Centre camp ripped out of the Black Rock Desert and stuffed into a warehouse in Montreal. Fan-fucking-tastic. And when I woke from my little episode with those people showing me their concern, well I felt damn lucky to have not only found a great place, but great people as well.


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  1. Air33 · November 23, 2007

    sounds like low blood pressure. I get that. When I sit up quickly I feel as if my head will split open, and then I’m fine. That said another friend of mine just passes out. Check it out!

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