Ok Cupid, do your stuff

This is kind of embarassing. Not in a schoolyard fall off the monkey bars and can yourself kind of way, more of an I never thought I’d do this kind of thing sort of way. But it is the 21st century and we all live busy lives right? Besides, I’m new to town, I’m certainly due a handicap of some sort – right?

I’ve just fired a shotgun blast of messages across an online dating site to a variety of Montreal girls (and for some reason a girl in Germany – she was smart and pretty, and she looked at my profile first – so there!). While there is of course some hope of achieving an intimate connection (or more, lets think positive here) on another level I just want people to hang out with, converse with, enjoy the company of. If none of them work out romantically and I just end up with a couple of new friends, well shit, that’s better than where I’m standing right now.

Its just like when I moved to Sydney. The first month was busy and hecktic, learning how everything worked, getting moved in, selecting classes and all that. Then, a month or two later, the terrible ennui. I would lie in bed for hours, wishing for something to do, someone to talk to. Eventually it happened, I joined the Cave Clan and had one of the craziest years of my life and made some amazing friends like Siologen and Niki.

This time around I’m wasting time watching Red Dwarf on the new 22″ LCD in my room and eating Miss Vickie chips. I was going to find some volunteering to do, to give me some sense of purpose but haven’t found anything that interests me yet. There are events coming up, but still…

So I logged into the world of digital dating and started doing the rounds. A girlfriend would be nice (really nice) but it’ll come when it comes. What I need are friends and I’m going to do whatever’s actively required to get that.

There are a lot of cool, interesting, intelligent people in this town. I just need to meet them and show them how cool, interesting and intelligent I can be.


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