Very briefly, last night tipped things in favour of Montreal even more. Running off a tip from someone on Tribe I went to an open mic last night at a place called the Pound. I had a feeling heading into it, and when I walked in those feelings were confirmed. I walked in the back door having somehow mentally blocked the front out of my perception and immediately made contact with the guy running the bar. Not many people there so a chance for some chit chat.

The place is very similar to Chriz’ old apartment in Toronto – Salem’s Loft. Basically its a converted warehouse space with private rooms upstairs and a massive living room/club/jam space on the main floor. Three people live there and throw various events downstairs like the open mic night. Its exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find in Montreal, and here, just over a month in I have.

The open mic was varied as they always are, some good, some bad, some outright strange, but always in a very chill, supportive environment. I plan to return with some performance poetry, hopefully dragging a musician up to help out. I didn’t talk too much with anyone, but I certainly made a few connections and I’ll be back to follow them up.

Found more interesting Montreal groups on facebook. Things are good. Now I just need my computer monitor…


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