img_6639.jpgTo use an “in” word of the times, my Montreal experience just tipped last night – yes I reached the Montreal tipping point where everything went from O.K. to Fuck I`m glad I moved here. There was a subsequent riptide that brought me back to reality a bit, but overall I`m so happy I moved here.

Last night was a meetup of the Bruleurs de Montreal Burners. Attendance wasn`t big, but that meant that I actually got to meet people rather than just being in their presence. I left with a great feeling of potential, of seeds planted and connections made. There will be new friendships, new art, all sorts of things coming from this move. Walking home through the city I saw things I liked, architecture, art, amazing little shops. I`ve inadvertantly moved into an area filled with curio, antique and pawn shops. What could be better?!

Then the little snap back. Aspects of French culture and ways of doing things that I need to adapt to. I got another parking ticket – I`m actually going to make myself a chart so I can figure out when I can park where in the neighbourhood. And today I was hoping to get a new monitor so I can use my computer instead of the roommates` but the store I went to doesn`t actually have any stock, they get it from other places so I have to wait another day or two. Wierd.

But overall, this city is full of good things. Abandoned buildings, creative people, cool places to hang out. Its vibrant, its lively, its got cheap booze on every corner.

I`ve moved into my apartment powerfully even though I`m only here a few months. I feel comfortable and I`m making it my own. I`m using my French as much as possible, so I hope I can become a part of that culture as well. This was a good choice.

Just before I left I read an article in Popular Psychology about the benefits of living in a big city, the constant exposure to new ideas, technology, information as well as the tremendous networking possibilities. It was a well timed article. Calgary to Burning Man to Montreal. Its all been good. Its only going to get better.


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