I never thought I would be the victim of such a predicament, a classic example of man vs. circumstance. On Friday October 5th Buck 65 is playing here in Montreal as part of the POP Montreal festival. The kink, the trick, the dagger that vexes me is that DJ Krush is playing nay but a few blocks away at the very same instant. Damn you Montreal for being so cool and hip that Im forced to choose between a demi-god turntablist and a honky tonk hip hop marvel. Damn damn damn.

The other problem being that of course I have nobody to go to either show with at this point because I still dont really know very many people here. I suppose it happens that way when you first move, and though Im a touch lonely and bored there really is no reason for dismay. Theres something in the air here that lacks in Calgary. I feel like creativity, art and culture are palpable here. I can actually touch it, taste it, immerse myself in it. When I watched BravoFact tonight for instance the filmmakers and musicians were from Montreal. My neighbours and colleagues. Like a fish being plucked from a desert watering hole and thrown into the ocean. Theres so much here, its exactly what I wanted, even if its going to be hard going for the first few months.

Still Burning Man obsessed. This year its really taken root in my psyche. Going two years in a row did the trick. Im obsessed with my performance art piece, which my sponsors wont let me talk about. Its as though despite all of this, Burning Man is all Im looking forward to. I think maybe because Montreal, for its more liberal culture, ethnic diversity and artistic flair does less to quelch the Burning fervor than it does to enflame it. So heres to the French and their insistence on keeping the St. Laurent for themselves!

P.S.: Started the process of figuring out whether I can get any work through IATSE here. Also signed up to volunteer at a computer game development conference and signed onto a couple of other local mailing lists. Also talked to a Burner originally from San Fran whos living in Montreal now. Things are a movin, especially with me moving on Sunday. Woot!


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  1. Becks · October 1, 2007

    Watch out – I don’t think the Burning Man obsession will ever go away, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing the default world with Black Rock City.

    My suggestion – find some burners to hang out with who you can reminisce with and start planning a project for next year.

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