Update from La Belle Province

This will sadly be brief because Im using a French keyboard and it makes me a bit crazy. Im also pretty buggered out from my long days of driving, apartment hunting and job training. No rest for the wicked right.

Well, last things first. Finally yesterday I got an apartment, at least for a while. From October 1 to Janurary 31 I will be living about here. Its a short term sublet, borrowing a room from a girl whos going to Uraguay for four months. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Im almost afraid to say because youll freak. Ready…

$275 per month everything included, electric, water, heat, internet, phone… Crazy eh. I dont even need to buy furniture. Could there be anything more perfect for someone just moving to a new city. Four months of cheap, worry free living. Ill be living with two French girls going to university so Ill get to practice my French all the time as well.

It wasnt so easy. I looked at a lot of places and was very tempted by another place that I absolutely adored right next to a farmers market, but in the end the low, low price tag got me. It gives me time to figure out what Im doing here. Its all so new. Fortunately my French is already improving. Its just going to take time.

Work is… work. Fortunately my airline background helps me out, but theres still a ridiculous amount to learn and being in training for ten hours a day is taking its toll. Ill be glad when these two weeks are over. Already though I have a video job lead. Its amazing the people I meet here are actually interesting, as opposed to the endless onslaught of engineers and accountants in Calgary (no offense, I know cool people in both professions, but lets be fair, most of them are dull).

Burning Man was amazing, last year was better. LOL. No it was good, but deserving of a more concentrated blog than this so Ill do it later. I have been recording video of the trip to the Burn, to Montreal and some of the trials and tribulations here. When my computer gets out of its cardboard prison Ill start uploading them. I may become a vlogger. Good god.

Yeah, so more to come, this is only the snowflake on the tip of the iceburg that is the past three weeks. Theres so much going on its ridiculous, but Im happy. This is a good change and, the perfect way to do it jumping right in right away.

Fuck I want to share everything, but really this isnt the time. Too much to do. Right now I need sleep. Up again in seven hours for another gruelling day at work.

P.S.: Got my first Montreal parking ticket today, not because I couldnt decode the insane parking signage, but because I set my alarm for PM instead of AM and slept in. Goddamit! I hate having a car in this city!


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