Goodbye VHS


Well there we go. I’ve just thrown out the last of my VHS tapes. Garbage service just came through this morning so my three or four dozen video cassettes are just about the only thing inside the dumpster, making a rather fatalistic plastic crashing noise as I throw them into the metallic pit.

So its the end of an era. Its unlikely I will ever buy or watch VHS again, at least not any time soon. Maybe as an artistic gimmick, some nostalgic mashup piece reflecting on bygone days, but for all intents and purposes VHS is out of my life forever.

The timing is interesting, as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray sit poised to knockout DVDs. How long ago were we using punch cards? Data storage is an interesting thing in terms of, well, memory. As McLuhan said the medium is the massage and this is no less true of data storage than any other form of technology. How we record and playback does effect how we perceive and remember, so what does it mean being without analog magnetic tapes?

I’m too busy packing to discuss it right now, but think about it the next time you listen to an old EP or watch a movie on Blu-Ray HD. How does your experience differ? How is it the same?

Fuck. Still so much to get rid of. I hate throwing shit out, but sometimes its the only way…


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  1. jannx · August 29, 2007

    hey.. I’ve got a ton of VHS… stuff you can’t even buy any more old WC Fields movies etc. Now I’m trying to figure out if I buy a VHS to DVD converter to save some of it.

    Still throwing out is very cathartic. I just filled a dumpster! Major relief was felt when that load of ‘stuff’ went.

    Calgary is cool, but Montreal is oh so hip. Tough call I like both cities and actually the people are about the same.. xenophobic. Sons of the Pioneers vs the Separatists… I’d say disregard both of them and enjoy the “new people” they are the ones that are really interesting.

    Good luck

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