Don’t Look Back

Last night I got myself into a bit of a tizzy over just how much money I’d be losing by moving to Montreal. I mean I can make $300 a day in Calgary fairly easily right now between video house tours, film crew calls and other freelance work. I’ve got the sweetness of a super flexible casual schedule at the airport, low taxes and the biggest, cheapest apartment in the whole damn city. All things said and done I have it pretty damn sweet here in Calgary. I was seriously considering whether it might not be worth it to stick around for another few months.

Then I did some research. The whole point of my moving to Montreal now was to get in on el-cheapo tuition as a Quebec resident, but I was wondering if I could potentially more than make up the difference working here in Alberta. Tuition is a little more than double for non-Quebec residents, $6369.20 per term versus $2996.60. But here’s the trick…

Situation 6: The Student has resided in Québec for twelve months before the beginning of the semester and was not studying full-time at a Québec educational institution during that 12-month period.

I forgot about that last bit. As long as I’m studying I’m not working towards residency, as a result I’d be paying the extra amount for the entire four years, two semesters a year, that’s $26,980.80! Could I rake up that much extra cash in Calgary over the next year? Probably not. Maybe, but probably not.

So there we go. That pretty much decides it for me. One way or another I’m going to be living in poverty again for a while. I think it better to be in Montreal, getting to know the city, making connections and enjoying myself than trying to make a small fortune in Calgary for the next year.

Now I just need an apartment. Fuck.


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