Tick Tock

With every six degrees the little red hand twists on the clock I get a second closer to departing Calgary for Montreal. Three months. That’s all that’s left, and here’s the shocker. Ready? I think I’m going to miss Calgary.

Its oft been said by naively optimistic Calgarian artists that this city’s on the cusp of reaching some sort of cultural maturity, a revolution of activity and appreciation that’s been so sorely lacking in this social backwater of a town. The thing is in the past couple of years I think its actually begun to happen. There are cool events going on all around me and I’ve met dozens of really interesting, quirky, artistic people recently.

I also feel like I’m finally starting to get that firm base that you need to pursue artistic endeavors. I’ve got a great apartment, I’ve got a car, I’ve got an amazing work situation, some wonderful contacts. Really I’ve got the makings of something great, and here I am about to leave it. Seems crazy.

Yet, when I start thinking that way I just have to remind myself that however artsy and open minded Calgary has become, it can’t hold a dandelion seed to the artistic behemoth that is Montreal.

So here I am counting the days, and somehow every one of them seems that much more precious to me now. When you have an expiry date everything takes on a new light, a new significance. I suppose its my duty to make this the best damn summer I’ve ever had in Calgary and hope that one day I’ll enjoy and work with many of these wonderful people again…


One comment

  1. Rod · June 7, 2007

    Went through the exact same feelings when I left Edmonton for Vancouver. So many good friends and opportunity for good times in a familiar city. But a newer, bigger, better city offers so much more, and having just begun to live the dream I know I made the right choice in moving.

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