Thunder Thunder! THUNDER!

Yesterday morning when I dragged myself into the lunchroom at work at 0600 I was more than a little bit surprised to find Thundercats playing on the big TV. Nearly everyone was mesmerized by it, singing the theme song, reminiscing about playing with the toys, etc. Turns out one of the agents Mike brought in a Thundercats DVD and as we talked it turned out that he’s got Voltron DVDs, Ghostbuster DVDs, etc. When I told him about my Cartoon Afternoon at the Living Room Cinematheque his jaw just about fell off.

What a strange synchronicity. Only a couple of weeks after I do my cartoon thing we start watching cartoons in the lunchroom and I discover a real affectionado along with plenty of people keen on watching old cartoons. The next Cartoon Afternoon will be a blowout I think.

After that we started watching The Goonies. Well shit, there’s no better way to make me long for the Labyrinth in Minneapolis or the catacombs of Paris. I need to get out to some crazy UE.

Finally, I get the car tomorrow. Its a momentous day. My first car. I’m excited, but a small part of me is sad that this era of no emissions is over for me. There’s a touch of guilt.

But now, I’m tired. I’m going to take a short nap, edit some videos, then hopefully go see a free concert at Olympic Plaza and then explore Penny Lane before they tear the rest of it down.


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