Sine Wave

Many times I have likened my life to a sine wave propegating through space. Whenever things get low I know they will bounce back up with the same or higher amplitude. It helps me to get through those low times.

As a testament to how deep in the Styx I was yesterday my Burning Man ticket finally arrived in the mail and I left it lying on the living room coffee table where it could get lost, cumpled up or covered in food scraps. I only left the house to go to the post office and even that seemed like an arduous task.

Today however I have redeemed myself by giving (parts of) the apartment a good cleaning, listening to WNYC’s On the Media and Radio Lab (both outstanding podcasts) which were informative and thought provoking. Doing some grocery shopping and generally getting back on my feet.

I’m considering getting a Macbook for my video editing needs, largely because Final Cut Pro is the sweetest NLE software going and having a portable editing workstation would be a real boon, allowing me to get editing tasks done anywhere, anytime. Now that Macs are using Intel chipsets I can even setup a dual boot system with Windows so I don’t need to be stuck with Mac software if I don’t want to be. Sweet.

Also had a chat with the ‘rents regarding the car. About $1800 worth of work and it’ll be in excellent condition. Not a bad price, especially when they’re going to chip in to the tune of $1000 as my birthday gift. I should have it by the end of the month.

Let’s see, what else? Part of me wants to wax philosophical, but I think I’ll save that for right now. I actually feel motivated to do cleaning and organizing and that’s a rare thing to let slip away. So, for now, adieu. Life is good.


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