I just submitted my accreditation for the Worldwide Short Film Festival for the third year in a row. More free screenings, parties, festival swag and hob nobbing. Did I mention the free booze? Hmmmm yes. Free booze. A message to all liquor companies out there. I pay attention to which companies support my favourite festivals and I in turn support them. I used to buy Jameson’s Whiskey until they stopped sponsoring WSFF. I drink Skyy Vodka because they sponsor Fairy Tales. Think about it. Sponsorship pays. Filmmakers are well known for their irresponsible drinking habits. Now, back to our program.

In a similar vein, lending more validity to the connection between alcohol and film Brian and I are going to a reception at the Big Rock brewery on Monday for our Eddie submission Scrabble. A free case of beer and a t-shirt is really all the motivation I need to make a short film. Let’s do another!

The past few nights I’ve had a Couch Surfer here from Germany. Sadly I can’t even remember her name because I’ve been so busy working. I shot two house tours this week and I have another one tomorrow. Business is brisk, but I’ve already streamlined my workflow down to the point that I’m making about $50 an hour. Not too shabby. I feel pretty flush actually, its good to be making decent money for once.

The house yesterday didn’t go off entirely without problems though. The house is empty, the realtor just bought it up and is in the process of flipping it with a whole bunch of repairs and renos. Anyways I seriously had to take a dump so I used the upstairs bathroom, only to find that the water was shut off. I tried gathering water from every tap in the house to fill the toilet tank but to no avail. I finally managed to find the water main and switch it back on long enough to dispose of the evidence. I know too well from my UE adventures how wonderful month old shit can smell.

Fuck what else? I’ve got a Cartoon Afternoon screening at my place tomorrow. Hopefully a decent crowd shows up. I think I’ve got about six confirmed and a dozen maybes. Could be crazy, but I think its going to be a heap of fun. I even went so far as to dig up a bunch of old 80’s TV commercials to screen along with the cartoons.

My life is filling up with beautiful, artistic, intelligent people. I’m really enjoying life, and I’m getting lots done. My productivity is skyrocketting. In some ways I’m sad to be moving to Montreal, what with so much starting to happen here, but I know Montreal is going to be even better. I’ve started the process of getting a transfer with WestJet, everything is falling into place.

Now I’m just waiting for mom and dad to get their new car so I can start tearing around in their old one.

So, in a nutshell. Life is friggin’ fantastic. Why? Because I’m keeping a positive mindset and that’s bringing positive things into my life. It really feels almost effortless. Wickedcool!



  1. karandom · May 11, 2007

    I have two Swedish couchsurfers ready to plunge into the San Diego world. How do you like the program?

    kArAndom (who still drinks Jameson, you should visit their distillery in Ireland)

  2. kayorsonsweaver · May 11, 2007

    I sent Jameson an angry letter when I found out they weren’t a sponsor anymore ’cause I still really like it.

    CouchSurfing is amazing. I haven’t had any problems with it (just use common sense). They’re some of the most wonderful and generous people you could even hope to meet. Way better than hostels or hotels because you actually get to meet and interact with locals.

  3. karandom · May 11, 2007

    Did they send you something back, like a SupEr big bottle?

    I’ve had a guy from Switzerland stay with me, but haven’t slept on any couches yet. I’m still in the planning stages for my trip this summer and may use the service.

    Look, it’s me!


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