I totally want to make out with you…

…and you, and you. I’m feeling very… what the hell is the word? Randy comes to mind, but that just implies mindless rutting and I’m in a more sophisticated mood than that. Lust driven, yet gentle and romantic at the same time. Must be the weather…

Its been a while and a lot has happened. No way to do any of it justice without excessive yammering so I’ll try to be factual and brief.

The Men

First of all the last couple of weeks and especially last week have been consumed with preparations for the MDI Internationals conference here in Calgary. MDI is the umbrella organization that my men’s group is a part of and we successfully bid to hold the annual meeting/conference this year. The details are confidential, but I ended up doing a ton of work to make various things happen. It was frustrating, exhausting, demanding and yet, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and learned numerous lessons about communication, organization, commitment and leadership. In other words, it was undoubtedly worth it.


Saturday I got a call from my parents and found out that the dog was having seizures and had been taken to the pet hospital here in Calgary. The vet thinks she ate some mouldy cheese and apparently certain kinds of mold are like strychnine to dogs. She was having seizures all the way from Pincher Creek to Calgary and it scared the devil out of my parents. They pumped her stomach and put her on drugs. A couple of days later we got her back and she seems fine.

Years ago she ate a bunch of ibuprofen and had to get her stomach pumped then too. Stupid dog.


Today I did another video open house shoot and it went much, much, much smoother. All said and done I think the shooting and the edit took about three hours, which means I made $50 per hour of work. He’s got another house lined up for me on Thursday. This is going to work out pretty well for me I think. Its not exciting, but its easy, its flexible and it pays well. Between this, crew work on film & TV sets, weddings and all the other freelance stuff I’m going to be laughing all the way to the bank. All I need to make sure is that I have time to travel and shoot some creative projects as well.


Soon I’ll have a car too. Mom & dad are getting a new one sometime this month and that means the old one is mine. They’re even getting some repairs done on it. They’ll be a bit freaked out when I repaint it and maybe do a few other mods to it. At the very least I want to stick one of these in the back window.


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