Get me on a plane to New York City right friggin’ now!

This is cinema and music history in the making folks. DJ Spooky, in collaboration with The Kronos Quartet has remixed one of the most influential, groundbreaking, racist and boring films in the history of cinema, D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation.

Rebirth of a Nation

FUCK! Why do I live in a cultural backwater?!

It just isn’t fair.

I think DJ Spooky is an amazing artist and I’m totally pissed that I’ll be missing this. Just read his artist’s statement on the project. Sweet damn. DJ Spooky was in Calgary a few years back and gave a lecture at ACAD. I missed it sadly, but my girlfriend at the time HippyTits went, enjoyed it thoroughly and got him to sign a poster for me. Then we listened to him spin that night at the Underground. Good times. But this, this would have been epic.

When I get to Montreal I’m going to have to get on some cultural boards and make sure that when shit happens in NYC they make Montreal their next stop.


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