To the Future!

Its time to turn this boat around. This blog has been all about the past recently. How ultimately small events can feel like grand catastrophes when in the larger scheme of things, they’re just markers on the road to somewhere else. Enough time spent at the “Point of Interest” – let’s get back on the road.

So I was thinking. What would be the peak of my life? The point where everything was going perfectly and I could just gently coast the rest of the way through the waves and onto the sweet sunny shore of retirement. I think I’ve got it, or a good portion of it. My dream;

Its an old warehouse in a city like Montreal, San Fransisco or New York but in a kind of chic, trendy part of town. On the ground floor is a doorway with an old school marquee above it. The marquee says Lumiere Lounge and below that are obscure, esoteric film titles that conjure up cautious, almost risque curiosity. Inside is a martini lounge/movie theatre.

I own the Lumiere Lounge but the manager looks after the day to day operations of serving martinis, clever fusion dishes and the best in overlooked and under appreciated cinema. Usually though I’m too busy upstairs where the production offices, studio space and workshop for Astral Projections is located. I direct a feature film every two or three years, filling the rest of my time with music videos, commercials, documentaries, writing comic book scripts and doing speaking and teaching appearances.

I live in a loft a few blocks away. The loft has a freight elevator and I use the elevator to get my car (electric) from its parking place in my living room to the street outside. The whole loft is open concept, pretty much one room and eclectically decorated with art from my friends and co-workers. My wife, smart, beautiful, independent but still enjoys spending time together. She trusts and accepts me, and I adore her and care for her.

I chose my jobs carefully. I am known for my creativity as well as my integrity. People respect me and my work whether they agree with me or not. I have friends in all sectors of society, academics, businessmen, artists and scientists from all around the world. I travel frequently, usually under the guise of doing work.

I’m getting ready for my first trip into orbit to shoot some kind of film project – whatever I’ve managed to bullshit someone into funding. Really I just want to go into space.

That’s where I’m going. I’m sure it will change, but right now, that’s what I see.



  1. chriz · April 29, 2007

    And now just to figure out how to get there… courage, cunning, strategy… so much life to live, so little time.

    I like the space idea — like Hunter S., it’s all about getting the front row seat.

    Want to take some time off next year and go through Hot Docs as an aspiring film-maker? I think I might.


  2. chriz · April 29, 2007

    Oh, and goddamn it man, I can find this blog through tribe, but it doesn’t come up on my screen like it does when I post there. I had no idea you had been postig so much.

  3. kayorsonsweaver · April 29, 2007

    I know, its a pet peeve of mine about Tribe. MySpace doesn’t import blogs at all. facebook does a good job of it, but there’s cooler people and groups on Tribe.

    Hot Docs? For sure. I’ve been meaning to make something for Moc Docs for ages. Ties in nicely.

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