My radiators are shrieking, whistling. Its kind of like listening to bombs plumetting during an air raid, mixed in with small mammals screaming in a hamonic chorous of pain, accompanied by the rattling of dry old bones inside clay pots. Its kind of distracting.


Its been an interesting, somewhat productive day. I slept in early as I’m apt to do when aimless and depressed, but I only slept in as late as 10am. Really not bad by my sleeping in standards. I can go as late as two or three on a good (or is that bad?) day.

Today was my first day of shooting house tours for realtors. On my way out the door for the job I realized my tripod was still in Dr. SARS’ trunk. Bugger. Fortunately the dude who runs the show brought his tripod so it all worked out fine. Pretty simple boring work, but good money. I spent the better part of the night wrestling with Vegas trying to edit the footage. The documentation for this program is total ass, and there really needs to be more intuitive ways of doing things. Oh well. I’ll adjust.

Speaking of videos, this vlog project is looming over me. I’m tired. Too tired really to set up lights, do costume changes and act. Why can’t I do anything simple? I guess I feel like this was such a big event in my life that it deserves at least quasi-epic treatment. So yes, I’m working on it. I have about five minutes of usable footage shot thus far. God. My vlog is going to have an atrocious shooting ratio…

But before I go, this;

Thanks to all of my friends, for helping me to forgive and accept myself. For helping me to see that I’m a good person, accidents happen and no matter what the end result of all this is, I will be better off for it. I can’t heal someone else’s wounds. I can only offer support and my appologies. I’ve done that. Now. I wait. No. I don’t even wait. I just go on.

Well, like I said. Tired. Oh so tired.

Talk again soon lovelies.


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