It looks like through total random accident I may be picking up Zombie Movie Night at the Castle Pub. Remember when I blogged about that? Well it seems the dude who ran the shows got into a spat with the doorman and he doesn’t do it now. People fight, refuse to talk to each other, sometimes they make amends, sometimes they don’t. Seems to be the theme for the week.

Anyways I was supposed to be meeting CrazyLady for Zombie Movies and she got the story from the bartender. They’ve still got the screen and the sound system all set up, they just need someone to come in with a projector and stuff to show. While I don’t have the cool analogue video mixer the previous dude did, I think I can find and/or create enough bizarre shit to keep Zombie Movie Night going for a little while. I just need to borrow a projector (got one you’re willing to loan out?).

For a moment I asked myself if I was qualified to take over, then I thought back to last night. I had a dozen people in my apartment to watch The Wizard of Oz to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Rainbow. Then Wave Twisters, then Six String Samurai. Yeah. I’m qualified. In fact it would be a nice weekly duty, figuring out what fucked up shit to show. Especially if I do some whack edits/video scratching.

It reminds me of FunkStar’s super 8 and slide shows for Flashlight at the Night Gallery. That was her task every week, to create the visual entertainment to accompany the DJs. Similar thing here. Have some fun making things for people to watch and getting paid in jugs of beer. Fine by me.

So, first film? The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao. I think its appropriate since I first saw it at the Cineforum in Toronto.


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