Kill another cow

Today I officially conceded. I am not, nor will I ever be a vegetarian. I ate an entire package of sandwich meat as well as a twelve inch meatball sub. I am responsible by proxy for the death of a chicken and a cow and I don’t give a fuck.

If nothing else I’ve learned a simple lesson from this experiment. If you’re doing something just for the hell of it, you probably won’t finish it. I didn’t really have much of a motivation for going vegetarian for a month aside from curiosity and a desire to improve my health. Well my curiosity wore out pretty quick and my health actually deteriorated.

Because I wasn’t taking vegetarianism seriously I didn’t do the required research into the right way to do it. As a result I’m suffering from iron and protein deficiencies. That would explain why I’ve been so tired lately as well as that sore arm I complained about a couple of days ago (since then my other arm and my legs have also become a bit tender). Since I don’t have any actual moral or religious rationale for being a herbivore I’m ending this little experiment before it messes my body up further.

Maybe I’ll try it again one day, but I’ll do my research and buy a tub of tofu along with beans, nuts and cheese. If anything it has made me more aware of the kinds of foods I eat as well as the effects that nutrition have on my body. That’s a positive benefit.

Tomorrow morning breakfast may well consist of a dozen sausages drenched in maple syrup. Mmmmm.


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