Idiot Boxes Invade

TV Lunchroom

Not too long ago one of the supervisors at work made it his mission to improve our lunch room. Rather commendable. He took all sorts of suggestions, one of which was getting a TV. Amazingly he made it happen.

Bad fucking idea. Just look at that picture. Everyone staring up into the sky at that glowing electric square. Not only do you have to drag your crew away from the third period of the Stanley Cup quarter finals to get your flights done, but socially its wrecked the lunchroom. People don’t talk, they stare like amoeboids at the screen, as though they were deriving some strange photosynthetic sustenance from it.

I do not like it. Of course I don’t like TV in general, but its even worse in what used to be a social setting full of interaction. We were very creative in the lunchroom at amusing ourselves, we built table hockey using cardboard boxes and duct tape, we’d make the room into a real hockey rink with tape balls and turned over tables as goals. Now we watch instant replays on a big screen and drool haplessly on the floor.

Oh well. The idiot box always seems to win. That’s because its an opiate. Addictive like a drug.


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