Well these guys are clever, and kind of scummy. Having my honor assaigued (I swear that’s a word – I just can’t find the spelling anywhere) by a bot was bad enough, but I’m genuinely surprised by what came next. This was submitted as a comment to my original post about the site;

sally smith | | | IP:

I think the service is great this will help stop people from cheating. I actually was posted positively on the site by 2 of my exes.

I think their will always people like you whom have wronged others and now you want to try to stop it.

The site will help lower divorce ratios and make people cognizant of their actions. Finally people have to pay the price for breaking someones heart. This way the good get referred and the bad get posted for who they really are.

Apr 13, 3:04 AM

Since this all started with some shady promotional methodology I thought I’d do some checking. Turns out the email address listed above doesn’t exist, meaning either A) this person is a chicken shit or B) its just another low down spambot marketing ploy. I’m going to opt for B.

And just to satisfy those of you salivating for ex dirt thinking “Boy he must have something big to hide.” here’s the scoop on the worst thing I ever did to an ex. I’m not proud of it, but I was young and foolish and having done it once I can confidently say that I will never do it again.

How I Ruined Redhead’s Life

My on again/off again girlfriend of three years came to visit me in Australia when I was there. When I left to return to Canada she stayed behind. We agreed that long distance relationships don’t work, so for as long as we were apart we were free to do as we pleased.

The tentative plan was for her to move in with me when she returned to Canada, but that was six months away. I started casually dating HippieTits but it didn’t get serious until only a week or two before Redhead was scheduled to return. Of course when I told her that HippieTits and I were getting serious she was devastated. She already had her non-refundable tickets back to Canada and now wasn’t sure where she was going to live. In a matter of days all of our plans together fell apart.

It goes without saying that this was hard on Redhead, but it was hard on me as well. I honestly had strong feelings for both girls and strange as it seems I picked HippieTits because I was pretty sure it wouldn’t last. Redhead was my first real girlfriend and I felt like I needed more experience before settling down with one person long term. I figured I would go out with HippieTits for a few months to a year, then I might be ready for Redhead.

Fast forward a couple of years. HippieTits and I have long since broken up, Redhead wanders back into my life and we briefly date again. Yes I did something pretty stupid and cruel, but obviously it wasn’t so bad that she wouldn’t give me another chance. In fact most of my exes have come back for another try at one point or another. Clearly I’m not a total monster, though I’ve made my fair share of screwups. You learn from these things. Thank god.


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