Death and Taxes

They say that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. And yet I ask you this, how much money do we spend on finding a cure for taxes? Pretty much none. Billions of dollars go towards life extension to the point that we may actually manage to eradicate death by the end of this century, which means what? It means that we will be paying taxes FOREVER!

Not a pleasant thought.

Honestly I don’t have a big problem with paying taxes. I appreciate things like roads, sewer systems, national defense and the likes. I think government is extraordinarily inefficient, but overall they provide numerous very useful services for schmoes like me.

What I do have a problem with is actually doing my taxes. I’m not a mathematical, detail oriented person. I’m much more conceptual and abstract in my thinking, so spreadsheets with formulas and calculations to perform frustrate me to no end. I’ve thrown things across the room in fits of rage when faced with compound fractions – no word of a lie.

That being said I don’t bring in enough legitimate, taxable income to make it worth my while to hire a tax professional, and so I must suffer through it.

So wish me luck, in some ways death looks like a good alternative right now. Maybe I’ll just go buy some beer and numb the pain. Unnnngh.


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