Oh you were so bad to her…

MySpace is such a wonderus place, where porn bots, desperate starlets and mediocre musicians all throng to your door begging for attention, but this is something new. Imagine all your ex-lovers coming back to haunt you! Oh yes that’s the threat, though you’ll see how seriously I take it. Of course the gullible net generation will fall for it hook line and sinker just like they do for every Internet fad. But really, who wants a website that spouts such vitriol and bitterness?

Here’s the bait I found in my mailbox;

Subject: Kay O. Sweaver, about an ex posting

Body: If the story your ex wrote about you KAy on theexbook.com is true, then in my opinion its not right. I actually took my own time through a link tofind you and tell you that I think its not right to reat someone that way when love is involved. Was it love? What was it?

Good look in the dating world after others read it. Hopefully this experience will result in better decision making. If what an ex wrote is not true orv this is not you, then I appologise for this message. I just wanted to share my point of view -people deserve to be treated with respect, honesty, and loyalty. The site does have a rebuttal section but no rebuttals were made- so either it was not cared about or unknown.

I enjoyed the typos and grammatical errors. My response;

What a wonderful viral marketing approach. Directly targeting personal emotional history. Best of all the more vague the allusions to the horrible things you did to an ex, the more that is left up to the imagination. Add to that the fear of others reading bad reviews, well who wouldn’t want to register and set the record straight?

Overall an excellent approach, though I must say the production quality of the site is shoddy at best. If there really is an ex profile of me on there, well congrats. If people wish to believe the bitter and vengeful rhetoric of disenfranchised lovers rather than learning from past experiences and moving on to form their own opinions, so be it. Those people are of no interest to me.

Of course this is probably a bot so nobody will ever read it. If it isn’t a bot, well, make your profile public and say hello.

If only we’d put the Internet to good use, I wouldn’t have to suffer through so many bandwidth bottlenecks and site outages…



  1. Sarah · April 10, 2007

    Must admit, it annoyed the tits off of me. Still glad my rant is doing some good and helping to stop this viral spamming numpty in his/her tracks.

    Their server really did choke when I force fed it A Scanner Darkly though… more people should do the same 😀 Perhaps simul posting the complete works of Shakespear as an Ex description or something 😉

  2. kayorsonsweaver · April 10, 2007

    Maybe just the tragedies, maybe we can depress the server to death.

  3. amy · April 24, 2007

    got one of these in myspace. wrote back and asked for a free trial and gave a lecture on integrity. who doesn’t have a bad story lurking in their past? great marketing, stupid concept. they should have called it unmatch.com.

  4. Erin · May 9, 2007

    i just got one of those sent to me in myspace…i didnt know what to think at first because i kno i havnt been in a relationshil for a long time… i wrote them back and no answere so i googled it and got here and now im glad to find out it is all just a scam….

  5. Steve · May 30, 2007

    Thanks – you confirmed what i thought…I sent a similarly snippy email back myself.

  6. Jess · June 5, 2007

    Oh the hopeless attemts to harvest on such petty ways of publizing a website that will most probably in the end bite you right in the ass for being so gullible. Myspace is really starting to get on my nerves, yet I cannot leave it, for it is my only way of pitiful entertainment.

  7. Mike · June 28, 2007

    Wow, I’m sure glad I came across this. I too recieved an email saying something really vague about me in a prior relationship, but the funny thing is, is I haven’t even been in one longer than a couple weeks prior to my current relationship.

    I was just about to sign up to see who it was when they asked me for money, so I came here and luckily found out it was a scam.

    How vile of them. Some people live with no shame.

  8. Sam · July 12, 2007

    Hey dude thanks for this. I just got that today and was like “Did he really freakin’ do that???” So I sent back an angry reply. Then I wanted to read it for myself so I tried to find the website and found this instead. Thankies!!!

  9. Drakon · August 3, 2007

    I got one of those also and LOL its fucking bullshit its vauge and im only 17 so wtf whould i be on there for, besides who fucking pays for a Dating site like that shit….

  10. Pist · August 10, 2007

    The person who is responsible for the spamming the myspace users is Nicholas J Crane nicholascrane@theexbook.com
    He (or his employees/partners) has been doing this for months and has been getting away with it.
    If you receive this garbage, send plenty of spam complaints to myspace abuse department, and also godaddy.com who is his host provider. Also file fraud reports to the Federal Trade Commision. If they recieve enough of them, then they will take action.

  11. Matt · September 8, 2007

    I am reporting that Mr. Crane and his Company Universal Innovations Inc. based in Newport Beach,CA is abusing your site and using false adversting, slanderious and libel comments via your messaging system an attempt to EXTORT people into buying his service (only way to view the slanderious information is to buy a subscription) at http://www.theexbook.com and http://www.pastrelaltionships.com. This practice is illegal. He is using the following accounts on myspace to propagate his fear and terror:



    I Wish to Have my money Refunded as soon as possible and to am willing to testify to prosecute this guy to the fullest extent of the law.

    This is the email I received from his fake accounts:

    Block User


    Date: Sep 6, 2007 11:28 AM
    Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]
    Subject: matt caldwell about what an ex wrote
    Body: If the story an ex posted matt on theexbook .com
    is real, then in my opinion, its not right. I actually took my own time through a link to find you and tell you that I think its not right to treat someone that way when love was involved. Was it love? What was it?

    Good luck in the dating world, hopefully this experience will result in better decision making. If what an ex wrote on theexbook is not true or this is not you, then I apologize for this message. But my ethics may be different than your own. I just wanted to share my point of view, people deserve to be treated with respect, honesty, and loyalty. The site does have a rebuttal section but no rebuttals were made, so either it was not cared about or unknown.

    [root@primus root]# whois itlivesforever.com
    [Querying whois.internic.net]
    [Redirected to whois.melbourneit.com ]
    [Querying whois.melbourneit.com]

    Domain Name………. itlivesforever.com
    Creation Date…….. 2004-12-22
    Registration Date…. 2004-12-22
    Expiry Date………. 2007-12-22
    Organisation Name…. Robert Crane
    Organisation Address. 836 lakeshore dr
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. redwood city
    Organisation Address. 94065
    Organisation Address. CA
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Admin Name……….. Robert Crane
    Admin Address…….. 836 lakeshore dr
    Admin Address……..
    Admin Address…….. redwood city
    Admin Address…….. 94065
    Admin Address…….. CA
    Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES
    Admin Email………. nicholas_crane@flashcardcd.com
    Admin Phone………. +1.6506546110

    836 Lake Shore Drive
    Redwood City, California 94065
    United States
    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: FLASHCARDCD.COM
    Created on: 23-Aug-02
    Expires on: 23-Aug-07
    Last Updated on: 12-Sep-06

    Administrative Contact:
    Crane, Nicholas nicholasjackcrane@yahoo.com
    836 Lake Shore Drive
    Redwood City, California 94065
    United States
    310-490-2001 Fax —

    Technical Contact:
    Crane, Nicholas nicholasjackcrane@yahoo.com
    836 Lake Shore Drive
    Redwood City, California 94065
    United States
    310-490-2001 Fax —

    Domain servers in listed order:

    – Show quoted text –

    On 9/8/07, Matthew Caldwell wrote:

    Number: C2744035 Date Filed: 4/22/2005 Status: active
    Jurisdiction: California
    314 1/2 CORAL AVE
    Agent for Service of Process
    4727 WILSHIRE BLVD STE 601
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90010



    302 COLLINS AVE Map It Recorded: Unknown NICHOLAS CRANE business listings Check Yellow Pages
    NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92662 Find cell number for NICHOLAS CRANE Leave a message
    Google Nicholas Crane Current and Historical Public Records about NICHOLAS CRANE

    Address is right next to business address.

  12. April · May 2, 2008

    This site is a joke n a scam!!!!! If an ex did write something about you, feel flattered n honored. I was!!!!If someone took all that time to write about you after so long ,they must not be able to get over you.All that it means is you were so good this person just had to tell the world.They can’t have you and they secretly hope noone else will want you;too bad so sad. I never had any problems getting a new relationship.Take it as an honor be proud and move on.Don’t buy into the sight; I didn’t!!! It’s a scam!!

  13. Heartburn Home Remedy · April 15, 2009

    If you want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!

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