Re as a prefix…

Recompression. Compression. Squishing down, squeezing, pressurizing, transforming. The Vancouver regional Burning Man Recompression was all of these and more. Not just another rave in the woods (yawn!) but a bonified alternative society with nudity and drugs and games for all! Yes it would be easy to mistake Burner culture for the epitome of out of control hedomism, but really, there’s more to it than that.

However, in a society obsessed with safety and the legislation of morality, it is refreshing to be walking up a wooded path and have some people sitting on a bench tell you “Stop. Just wait a minute. They’re going to shoot the fire canon again, just as soon as they’ve taken another hit of nitrous.” WHOOOMP!

Fire canons, hot tubs, naked dancing, sexuality workshops, music, gentle forest rain. My weekend did indeed bring me into a new space, a new way of being. Recompression is meant to prepare you for your return to the playa, this certainly fits the bill. No ego, no pretense, no commerce, no rules…

Yes they’re all a bunch of stinking hippies and e-tarded ravers, but they’re more than that too. They’re shamans, they’re psychics, artists, dancers, travelers, builders. Gorgeous people that despite never meeting you before in their lives, want to share with you everything they have.

This is over-romanticising at its best, but I’m tired and happy.

Oh yeah. I got lucky. 😉


One comment

  1. pixiemeat · April 9, 2007

    I’ve always wanted to attend burningman but alas, I have yet to have the chance. Perhaps next year or the year after.

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