“That’s a wrap!”

And thus came to a close my most ambitious, complicated yet (relatively) well organized shoot yet. Again I won’t delve into the seedy details lest you manage to contrive my designs, however I will say a few things. First of all more crew is better than less. I always used to run with the idea that smaller equals leaner and meaner, but it also means a hell of a lot more work. I had an AD, a DOP, a continuity girl (which for some reason is always a girl, some union thing I suspect) in addition to my stills photographer, actors and extras.

Wow. An AD is the best thing in the entire world. Whenever I got lost or flustered he stepped in and took care of it. He wrangled the extras, he took charge of the setup and cleanup. It was awesome. I didn’t even need to know what shot was coming up next, he was on it. That’s exactly how the director/AD relationship is supposed to work, he worries about the details, I worry about the creative vision.

Similarly continuity allowed us to just go without worrying about missing a shot or screwing something up like changing someone’s clothes or moving the wrong piece of furniture. Green as DOP brought all of his on set lighting experience and created just the atmosphere I wanted.

The actors and extras were great. The performances were pretty awesome and everyone looked great for their parts. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough extras, we lost our makeup girl/waitress but at the last minute a friend of Dr. SARS stepped in and performed wonderfully even if her role was small. I was amazed at the prep work that Snype and MisterV put in without even being asked.

Things were a bit rushed and stressful at the end because the bar closed down early on account of it being a really slow night, plus the cast and crew were starting to get tired. And yet when it came time to strike the set everyone pitched in tearing down gels and stands, moving furniture and humping stuff out to the car. I couldn’t believe it when everyone without exception thanked me for the opportunity and asked me to call them again. Wow.

I’m in this interesting state of being humbled by a bunch of awesome people who worked for nothing more than beer, pop and appetizers and on the other side I feel like a fucking demi-god for having pulled this whole shebang off. Honestly, it feels awesome.

In the past week life has gone from ok but not great to fan-fucking-phenomenal. More cool shit to come…


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