My eyes were THIS BIG

“Green has food poisoning. I need you and your camera for that shoot.”

Green has food poisoning, I’ve got alcohol poisoning. Who’s the bigger man? Well anyways Dr. SARS needed me to do a few shots for his Big Rock Eddie (I’m getting sick of linking that – Google it yourself). I didn’t feel like it, but I went. Christ… this fake name thing is turning into a total pain in the ass. Suffice it to say there were several people there whom I’d met before, a photographer friend of mine, some guys from a band I helped shoot a video for last fall. It was pretty cool. The shoot was quick and easy and daresay I – fun.

So then we went to Dr. SARS’ apartment, drank beer, ate nachos and talked. I forgot how awesome it is to just have conversation with intelligent, creative, artsy people. We talked about Greek theatre, movies, acoustics, architecture, puppet sex… Such a relief from the endless nerdversations I’ve grown so accustomed to through urban exploration.

So the photographer, oh fuck it, Zyphichore. He took off early but told us we should join him for Zombie Movie Night at the Castle Pub. Sounded fun so we made that our next destination.

I really wasn’t prepared for what was in store. The movie was a wild Spanish (I think it was Spanish) science fiction film that reminded me somewhat of Mad Max, but a million times more absurd. Actually it took me back to the Turkish Star Wars screening I went to a couple of years ago. Funny shit.

We screened our 48 Hour Horror Film Competition film since I had a copy that the Dr. had just given to me. Totally unauthorized, early bird special. It felt kind of scandalous. It went over huge. The audience roared. Its always such a mindfuck to watch your film with an audience for the first time. There’s this internal sigh of relief, like someone just cut the butcher’s twine around your heart.

Then things got crazy. The guy who runs the show put on the next film, an Italian exploitation flick from the 70’s, but it was all mixed up with other films, TV, even video games. It was an amazing video mash up and it was all done live on a video mixing board only a few hours earlier. Truly, it was amazing. I want to play with his toys and I’ll certainly become a regular at Zombie Movie Night.

Zombie Movie Night


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