Camp Elphinstone, it sounds so mystical doesn’t it? Like nymphs swing down from giant redwoods trailing glittering golden dust and leave cherries, walnuts and chocolate on your mossy pillow as you sleep. Ahhh Elphinstone.

Alright I’ve never been to Elphinstone, but it sounds friggin’ fantastic and that’s where I’ll be aimed when I launch into the skies above Calgary on April 6th. The Vancouver Burning Man scene is having its big Recompression party at the YMCA camp in two weekend and I’m going. The Alberta scene dropped the ball on a DeKomp this year and I’ve heard from several sources that Vancouver does an amazing job of it so I’m pretty stoked. The Producer is coming with me, but we’re leaving the video cameras, transcripts, lavalier mics and other gak at home this time. This time its all about hedonistic debauchery.

I Don’t Give A Fuck

At the beginning of 2007 I declared this year the year of “I don’t give a fuck!” I lost sight of that intention over the past couple of months, but its back in full force. I can’t afford to go, but I’m going. I’m going to go hog wild, unrestrained and totally oblivious to socially acceptable norms. Fuck it.

Just to make the point even clearer I’m going to go to Montreal the weekend before. Why? Because I friggin’ can. Suck it.

I find myself thinking about Cuba and abandoned nuclear power plants…

Now I just need to decide which of several schemes I’m going to put into effect tonight. Go to an ACAD party or Kris Demeanor‘s basement party at the Marquee Room?


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