Originally uploaded by Kay O. Sweaver.

Whoever said “better late than never” should have said “never do tomorrow what you could do today” instead. Doing things at the last minute is a lot of stress and crap that I could do without.

Well its Big Rock Eddies time again, and for the first time I’m actually getting off my keister and making one. That’s right, I’m making a beer commercial, with no big breasted women or footballs in sight.

I’ve decided that there’s no point in spilling the beans on the production before its finished, suffice it to say that while working on the storyboards tonight I got a powerful yearning for some beer. Now if the storyboards have that kind of effect, imagine what will happen in full colour, thirty frames a second and stereo sound. If I were running a liquor store on June 4th I’d be getting ready for a run.

Production, even of something as simple as this in a pain. That’s why up until now I haven’t gotten it together. One could argue that I don’t even have it together this time, but fuck, I’m doing it anyways.

Securing a location to film was the biggest hurdle, next is coordinating talent and crew. When your budget is a big ‘ol zero so too is your leverage over peoples’ time and commitments. I’ve had to put some of my own commitments on the back burner in order to make this thing happen. Fuck.

But its in the works, and following close on its tail is another project destined for viral YouTube fame, or… I dunno. We don’t really stand to make any money from YouTube, but we certainly will find a bigger audience. This other video fits the edutainment bill to a tee. Short and simple, yet chalk full of dark humour, sex appeal and things that the airline industry would rather you didn’t know.

So here’s to getting shit done, and a year of great little film and video projects.


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