A Note on Linking

You may have noticed. I am obsessed with linking when I blog. This afterall is the whole damned point of the Internet is it not? Linking information. Making it available. Having adoxography at your fingertips when you need it most is almost as essential as pornography or free music. So yes, I link, like a mad baboon with a sore ass.

Originally the idea for the world wide web (yes that’s what www stands for, not wet, wicked and wild) was for all links to be reciprocal – that is all links would operate two ways. You could link outwards from a site which is what we’re used to now, but you would also be able to go backwards and see what other sites or pages linked to where you are now. This is still possible with referral logs, but that’s geeky and the average Internet user is no longer required to be a geek.

But I’m getting onto a tangent here. Links. I put links everywhere because I know that I love playing linkfrog, jumping from page to page, article to article, blog to video to forum to newsfeed, ideas and information cascading like a shopping mall fountain. Mmmmm. I can only assume that some of you enjoy it as well. Besides, I like the idea of introducing someone to a new word, a new philosophy or a piece of interesting trivia. It makes you smarter, and since I like smart people really its in my own best interests.

One thing I try to do when linking is to avoid Wikipedia. I fucking love Wikipedia. We could have wonderful children, though I’m not entirely sure I’d be comfortable with calling a few thousand other users who contribute to the thing “mommy.” That’s exactly why I don’t generally link to Wikipedia articles, its too popular and hence too obvious. Love it as I do (my homepage is a random Wikipedia article) Wikipedia has just a bit too much authority when it comes to archiving our collective knowledge. How many of us are lazy bastards and just run to Wikipedia whenever we need to know anything about anything? Yeah.

So I try to focus my links a bit more, zero in on the heart of the thing, whatever that thing may be. Its like all this energy that once went into specialist, obsessive compulsive fanatic websites now gets channeled into Wikiland, like a WalMart for information shutting down the mom & pop shops. Damn. I just made a really sick comparison didn’t I? Sorry Wiki. I love you.

(Incidentally Wikipedia itself is only the black sheep bastard child of a bigger and more ambitious information dispensing project that’s years away. Read up.)

Normally the links are directly relevant and descriptive, but sometimes, sometimes there’ll be a twist.

Anyhoo… Enjoy the goddam links. They’re there for you. Do you think I’d be interested in rabble crap that I already know about? I wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t already know it all. Be greatful you bastards. Check out my I Need page (when I get it up) and buy me something already.


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