And So It Begins…

After several failed attempts at starting themed blogs which failed to retain my interest for more than a month or two I’ve finally decided to go with the subject with which I have the most intimate knowledge, myself. This will be like one of those 1990’s personal expose web sites but in blog form. Why not a facebook, MySpace or Tribe profile? Well, because I have all of those and it seems easier to just feed them from a central source rather than trying to maintain them all.

Besides, eventually I’ll take the time to learn CSS and turn this into something more interesting and appealing than just a series of personal ravings. Eventually I think that’s where this is all going to go, when designing a website is as intuitive as playing with Crayola markers but interactive and interconnected. It won’t matter if you’re on facebook or Tribe, everything will seamlessly flow into everything else, personalized yet pervasive.

But for now…


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