Friends and Foes

As this blog (a word I’m not entirely thrilled with) gains momentum and begins its uncharted course down (or up?) the steep tracks of Internet life I think it worthwhile to set a few things straight. I already explained my obsession with embedded links, so let’s move on to the use of names, or rather the lack thereof in this blog. I use pseudonyms, aliases, secret club fort names for everyone in this blog. Why? Because when you have an arch nemesis like I do… well.

So there really is no way to be entirely certain who anybody is around here – and that’s great. Its like a masquarade ball, full of mystique and intrigue. Yes you can probably figure out who many of these people are if you know the players involved, yet, so long as the mask is in place, there’s a permissiveness that extends beyond the everyday. Juliet knew damn well she was flirting with Romeo at the ball, you can’t tell me she was that stupid, but the mask just makes these things permissible.


If you know me there’s a good chance you’re in here. You may even recognize yourself. The names I have chosen are based on a person’s character, their personality, their relation to me and the happenings of our turning little world. Metaphorical or literal, the names speak for themselves. This should also eliminate the embarrassing occasion of an ex-lover Googling her own name and finding drunken stalkeresque rants in her honour slashed across HTML. That was hard to talk my way out of.

So enjoy the names, and remember, its not slander if you can’t prove who it was meant to be. šŸ˜‰


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